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The Hotel consists of 12 spacious, comfortable rooms, all have

- Ensuite Bathrooms
- Television
- Small Fridge
- Telephone
  Maji Museum
  Botanical Garden
We use eco-friendly properties in trying to maintain the fragile balance of enjoyment and conservation for the future generation too. As a Hotel we are dedicated to the promotion of conservation and community education
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Songea's main attraction is the Maji Maji Memorial and Museum (daily 7am -7pm), The memorial ground is a large square lawn flanked on three sides by the cement busts of twelve Ngoni chiefs who were captured and executed by the Germans during the Maji Maji Uprising.

The centre of the ground is dominated by a bulky statue of a soldier with a machine-gun in his hand, while facing the ground in a pagoda is a large cement statue of Nyerere looking uncharacteristically solemn.

Though crudely fashioned, the busts are rendered poignant by garlands hung around their necks. Three of the chiefs are depicted with turbans, a unwitting reminder of the Arab-dominated slave trade in which the Ngoni also participated. One of these is Chief Songea Luwafu Mbano, from whom the town takes its name. As the most famous of the Ngoni resistance leaders, the Germans honoured him with decapitation rather than hanging.

Ruvuma region has nine game reserves and one game controlled area.
A wide variety of wildlife can be found within these game conservation areas such as hippos, Lions, Zebra, Buffaloes, Wild dogs, Bushbucks and Baboons.

The fairly large wildlife areas in the region with a diversity of wildlife species already attract a fair number of tourists.

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Whether your accommodations are in the single or double, each individually decorated room combines cultural-fashioned comfort with the latest amenities..
The restaurant offers local foods and some of the foreign meals. However, our scope is mostly offering local meals so as to provide visitors/guests ...
Apart from The rooms, restaurant and bar the cottage has multi-function Hall for meetings and ceremonies, kids playing ground, laundry etc

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